Top health Insurance Companies in Us and Canada


The need for health insurance is vital if we consider the consistent hike in the cost of getting professional health care services. Without health insurance policy, most individuals would find it difficult to clear their bills when it comes to getting appropriate health care. Health insurance helps you and I make certain that we can approach health care when we need it. It also ensures that you’re protected from outrageous clinical care-related costs when you’re ill.

This reason makes it important for you to be insured by a reputable health insurance company for you to enjoy fully the benefits of health insurance. In the paragraph below, would be reviewing four health insurance companies (two from the U.S and two from Canada) and their policies.

The first Health insurance company on our radar is the Canada based Greatwest life. They offer two health care coverage packages which are the Enhanced healthcare package and the Plan direct package. Enhanced healthcare package is for individuals or families and it’s of three types which include – Core, core plus, core elite. They each offer various degrees of coverage and extra add-ons for you to choose from. The Plan direct package is majorly for individuals on the verge of retirement or switching place of work. It requires no medical exams and allows individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to apply for this package.

The Blue cross is a household name when it comes to Canadian insurance companies. This health insurance company offers individuals three plans which include Basic blue choice, Basic plus, and Blue choice balance. All of these plans come in packages except the Blue choice balance that allows you to choose from different coverage options.

When it comes to Insurance companies in the United States, Aetna offers individuals the best value for their money. They offer a tax-free saving plan and also rank first when it comes to outstanding customer services review. The only thing you might want to label has their deficiency is the limited availability of short-term healthcare policy options in contrast to others. Aetna manages its clients’ insurance policies effectively.

Humana is ranked the 5th largest healthcare insurance provider in the United States due to the huge amount of financial capital at its disposal. Unlike other Insurance companies, Humana doesn’t hike prices for senior customers which make it best for senior customers. They’ve got a good variety of health insurance policies with relatively low-cost health insurance plans. However, for you to enjoy all these you must sign up for their HMO or PPO plans – this guarantees the best pricing for you.

Taking care of your dental health, paying for treatments, and purchasing prescribed drugs in some adverse conditions might be overwhelming. Protecting yourself from this draining experience is vital which is why must individuals subscribe to the policies of health insurance companies.

This gives you some sort of assurance that your health needs can be taken care of when the time arises. Checking out websites like ours to review before making your choice is also advisable for you to make the best decision.


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